Way finding for those who wander lost on GT campus.


Course team project that included user research, ideation and prototyping.

The target of this research were new students and Georgia Tech campus visitors who struggle to navigate the campus and report being “lost”. We were interested in finding  what were their challenges, what strategies they followed when lost, and identifying what can be improved to make their experience navigating campus easier.


Way Finders was envisioned as a system to enable the user to navigate the Georgia Tech campus based on user known landmarks and their routine paths. This approach allows the user to navigate faster and more comfortable through known places, and getting directions based on known places and landmarks references rather than street names that, inside the Georgia Tech campus, are hard to understand.


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Check the Axure prototype

Research process

We conducted user research methods like competitive analysis, interviews, surveys, context inquiries, cognitive walkthroughs and user testing of medium fidelity prototypes. As well as quantitative data analysis and affinity mapping.

Sketching and several iterations of ideation rounds lead to the design of the proposed solution.

This is a paper prototype for a tangible / wearable that connects to an digital platform. It was of one of the ideas in the first stage of ideation.

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User researcher. Designer. Created tangible and digital prototype


Team project for User Research Methods class at Georgia Tech.